The Owner

The Nzuri Candle Company was founded by St. Louis native, Candice Friend. This Army Veteran and Realtor is a dedicated stay at home mother of four where she resides outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Her passion for self care is rooted in her belief that it is important to first maintain a healthy (spiritual, physical, emotional) relationship with ourselves so that we can may transmit those positive feelings to others. Candice created the Nzuri Candle Company to encourage people to take the time and energy to tune into themselves and make healthy changes in their lives to feel their very best.

  • Sustainable Beauty

    Our gorgeous packaging makes Nzuri Candles a lovely accent piece for any room! We've created luxurious, high quality packaging without compromising our commitment to sustainability. Our gold-stamped gift boxes and frosted glass jars are made from 100% recycled materials. You can breathe easy knowing that we do not contribute to deforestation practices as our coconut wax and bamboo lids come from sustainable, easily renewable crops.

  • Lifelong Learning

    Nzuri Candles are named from the Swahili language native to Kenya. If you are not a native speaker of Swahili, each candle presents an opportunity to learn this beautiful language! Our name, Nzuri, literally means "Good". As our name suggests, The Nzuri Candle Company is committed to "All that is good" - sustainability, positive energy, wellness and luxury!

  • Each candle is hand poured in small batches and infused with Premium Organic Essential Oils with a well documented history of aromatherapy benefits! Essential oils are made up of organic particles which are beneficial to the mind and body- some of which are legitimately very precious and costly.

  • When inhaled, these compounds have been shown to temporarily alter the central nervous system, naturally. We utilize an array of Essential Oils to enhance emotional wellness.

  • Our high quality coconut wax blend burns cleaner and longer than any other wax. Coconut wax is often overlooked by the candle industry because it is much more expensive to produce than petroleum based waxes (paraffin)- but we think you are worth it! As paraffin burns, it releases carbon dioxide and several known carcinogens into the air. Coconut wax is a non-toxic, healthier alternative to cheap paraffin wax candles that completely disregard your health and safety.

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